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I’m Amy Hartsough, Author & Spiritual Life Coach

I help sensitive women discover their power by coming home to themselves. In my ​programs, clients are able to move from overwhelm to personal empowerment by ​recognizing their empathic nature as the gift it truly is.

As empaths, we need spiritual self-care practices that support healthy energetic ​boundaries so we can take up space within ourselves and blossom into who we really ​are as sensitive souls with a vital perspective that the world desperately needs.

My clients learn how to live sustainably from their empathic nature, and to ​recognize the value of their gifts. My programs teach you how to tap into your own ​inner guidance to best develop your gifts and share them with the world.

I've invested tens of thousands of dollars and worked with some of the most sought-​after coaches in the industry to deepen my spiritual development and evolution, and ​to bring these insights to you in this work.

Meet Amy

If you're anything like me, you know how important self-care & spiritual practices are for your wellbeing, but maybe ​you don't want to think about adding "one more thing" to your daily life.

I get it.

Throughout my life, I have felt sensitive. I've always been able to pick up on other people's emotions and read the energy ​of any room I walked into without even trying. And for decades, my extreme sensitivity felt like a curse. Some days I ​struggled to function and do what I needed to do each day. Many of my days were filled with either low energy and ​fatigue or an edginess that was unnerving. I felt like life was harder for me and that surely other people must have it ​easier. My chronic sense of overwhelm made me feel "homesick" all the time as a kid, without any way to feel "at ​home" within myself.

In desperation, I sought help from friends and therapists who helped me find the path of helping myself through self ​development principles and practices. I now had something meaningful to focus on, but I still felt overwhelmed by life. ​But I stuck with it, and through my journey of self discovery, I discovered something else. I learned that our spiritual ​essence is a reality, not a fiction, and that connecting inward is the best way to experience lasting peace, joy, and ​belonging.

Everything I offer on this site is meant to guide you into a more meaningful perspective on life and a more loving ​relationship with yourself.

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Sacred Journaling:

A Guidebook to Connect

with Your Higher Self

& Create a Life You Love

Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to journaling? Maybe you’ve attempted to keep a journal more times than you can count only to drop the habit after a few days because you’re not getting anything out of it. Leaders in the personal growth space are quick to recommend journaling because of its amazing benefits - it can help you tap into gratitude and create more abundance in your life, you can process your emotions on the page and walk away feeling lighter and more free. The problem is, what’s missing from the conversation is how to get those results.

Sacred Journaling answers this question. Sacred Journaling is based on the spiritual principle that everything you want - love, connection, abundance, wellbeing - begins with your relationship with your Self. Luminary leader and life coach Amy Hartsough guides you through her transformational signature process, the Sacred Journaling method, which she developed almost twenty years ago. This writing practice led to a profound relationship with her Higher Self that offered healing and love after years of suffering from burnout, loneliness and a lack of spiritual connection. In this book, Amy guides you step by step through the process of meeting and dialoguing on paper with your Higher Self, developing intimacy with this sacred aspect of yourself and creating a life-long journaling practice that grows along with you throughout your life so you can tap into self-love and live your purpose.

Kind Words

Michelle Lach

"You have this incredible awareness of emotions and the beliefs behind them. ​It was eye-opening to hear you validate my frustrations, overwhelm, and ​tiredness. You made me feel seen and understood, which meant a lot.

One thing that really stuck with me was your emphasis on emotional ​resilience. You taught me to sit with my emotions instead of fighting them, and ​I’m able to approach overwhelming moments with more grace and clarity.

The idea of reframing expectations as desires was a game-changer. You ​showed me that making that mental shift can change my energy and outlook. ​It's as simple as deciding that my desires matter and aligning my actions with ​them.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have this coaching day with you. Your ​passion for this work is contagious, and I can tell you genuinely care about ​helping others. This experience has been wonderful, and I can't wait to keep ​implementing what I've learned."

"The coaching I received from Amy helped me develop practices I'd never considered before. It was so ​easy and she was so giving, I couldn't believe receiving support could be as calm and peaceful as it ​was.

Amy was insightful and the processes she used to help me are things I can actually use because she ​understood exactly what I needed. It's been great working with her."

Aja Vancica

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